My warden fresh out of the story with moon refuge gear stage 3 và 11xx ap can clear all stages within the sb duration, it feels so whaley.

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Baông chồng in năm nhâm thìn when ~500ap was a highend even Junghado was pain in the ass & killing hyên was one of my first bns achievements i was proud of.

I expected they will make the bosses strong enough to need lớn learn the mechanics again. Meanwhile they have sầu 2x more hp & that"s it. If you can"t beat stage 2 then you probably play without a monitor or idk.

The worst player ive seen so far did around 60K DPS which means even the worst player can kill the strongest trùm in Mushin Tower 1 - 8 in less than 30 Seconds.

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Events are for Max lvl Chars not for some low levels who are not even lvl 50 !

If you are trying this now at lượt thích, màn chơi 50 or something, when you are able to lớn enter the tower through story mode, know that the update now recommends at minimum cấp độ 60 HM10. I haven"t done it but that should be a substantial buff. IF you are already level 60 HM 10 or more, và you are struggling, I suggest getting better gear và learn mechs. For gear, vì chưng all the soloable sections of the orange quests for some miễn phí gear. Temple of succession alone gives most of these so vì chưng that one first. Do moon refuge dailies (zavnar zeal 4 times and the daily for the 30 mob drops) for the rest. Get yourself a raven 3 weapon (you get dawn/rift weapon stage 3 from story, and you can convert it to lớn raven 3 with an thành quả bought from moon refuge vendor). Also get at least the raven soul shield (khandomain authority vihar oath). You get most parts from Temple of succession quest, và the rest can be farmed without ever having khổng lồ enter a single raid or dungeon.


With this, most classes will be able lớn pull at least 100K dps or more. And from what I understand, that should be enough khổng lồ clear the updated 1-8.


EDIT:So I just went there with my FM who is capable khổng lồ maintain around 150 khổng lồ 200K dps and burst for lượt thích 400K in a good day. All fights I did there ended in mere seconds. So I can safely say that a 100K dps starter character can bởi this on it"s sleep as well.

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One last tip would be lớn spkết thúc HM points in your "P" thực đơn on combat regene if you get hit a lot. But I"d prefer if you learned dodging và manage with the small HP.. drain some skills give sầu. That way you can use those points somewhere else. Add also points to lớn HM focus because it gives trùm attachồng power as well.