18 Trendy Memes Sad Naruto

Hinata may not be the "number one Narulớn heroine" in the eyes of some fans but she"s an incredible character with a great backstory.

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Naruto is a long-running anime và manga series created by Masashi Kishimoto lớn. The story focuses on the anh hùng Narulớn Uzumaki as he overcomes fate to lớn become a ninja. Naruto"s journey isn"t easy. Several people already judge hyên for what power he hosts inside his body. Luckily, Narulớn will meet plenty of classmates & seasoned fighters who are willing lớn help hyên ổn. When the story first begins, he joins Team 7 which includes Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha, and Kakashi Hatake. Those bonds slowly start to lớn dissolve sầu.

At first, Narulớn continues khổng lồ hold bachồng his pain with a smile. No matter how hard he tries, there are plenty of people who doubt his skills. Narukhổng lồ soon forms a bond with Hinata Hyūga, who has also had a rough upbringing. Their friendship slowly grows into lớn something more, which would eventually become a significant factor in the sequel series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Hinata begins the series as a shy, meek girl who is afraid khổng lồ stand up for herself. While Narulớn holds baông xã his emotions with a smile, it"s not as easy for Hinata. But, behind her oải hương eyes holds a kind spirit. Many in her life have sầu disregarded her because of how she appears on the inside, which makes the power she wields so surprising. Hinata is a complex character who grows throughout the series. Many fans of the series continue lớn doubt her skills or get them wrong.

Our danh mục details some of the most comtháng facts people get wrong about Hinata. There are major spoilers for the entire series throughout.


25 Everybody toàn thân Loves Sasuke

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There"s something about Sasuke that makes the female characters of Naruto fawn over hyên. At the start of the series, Narukhổng lồ tried khổng lồ show his feelings khổng lồ Sakura, but she made it clear she only cared for Sasuke.

Hinata is the only female character who hasn"t had a crush on Naruto"s rival.

She has been kind lớn hyên, once giving her a bento lớn box meal, but it wasn"t out of love. Hinata has always been fond of Narulớn over everyone else.


24 Never Experienced Family Strife

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One of Hinata"s leading causes of áp lực is her family. Hiashi Hyūga, her father, has had high expectations of his oldest daughter since she was young.

After she failed in a competition to inherit the Hyūga clan, Hiashi never looked at her the same. He decided khổng lồ tư vấn the winner of the competition, which left Hinata feeling powerless. With her mother gone, Hinata didn"t have much support in the Hyūga family, which made her feel like an outcast.


23 Wasn’t Well Received

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Naruto contains a wide variety of characters. The publisher of the manga series decided which character was the most popular at the time. They released various polls, eventually including Hinata as an option. In the first poll, she was voted as the trang đầu characters.

The next survey showed her in sixth place. She"s never breached the top five results, but she has often been the only female character to make the top ten rankings. These polls show just how popular she is aao ước Naruto fans in nhật bản.

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Narukhổng lồ is no stranger khổng lồ ramen shops. He has a healthy appetite compared to other characters in the series.

Hinata doesn"t mind visiting Ichiraku Ramen with Narulớn but prefers eating other foods.

Hinata"s favorite sweet snachồng is cinnamon rolls. Hinata also enjoys a bowl of zenzai which is a sweet soup made of red beans. Her least favorite items are seafood with shells. Hinata doesn"t like crabs or shrimp but probably wouldn"t refuse a dish made from the crustaceans out of politeness.


21 Never Tried To Impress Naruto

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When we"re first introduced lớn Hinata, she has short hair. Many other girls at the academy were growing out their hair to lớn catch Sasuke"s attention. Hinata only cared for Narukhổng lồ. She hoped that by cutting her hair short, Narukhổng lồ would get the hint that she didn"t care for Sasuke. It was her shy way of telling Naruto lớn she liked hlặng.

Over time, Hinata didn"t pay as much attention to what others around her thought. She began khổng lồ wear her hair long, the way she preferred, no matter how others may interpret it.


20 Never Believed In Him

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Hinata may have always believed in Narulớn, but it took hyên ổn longer khổng lồ see it in himself. He spent most of his life wanting attention from those who isolated in Konoha village. For years, Narukhổng lồ believed Sakura was the one for him.

In The Last: Naruto the Movie, Narulớn realizes he was wrong. Hinata believed in hlặng & helped hyên ổn achieve his goals throughout their childhood và teenage years. She never gave sầu up on Naruto lớn, even when he had feelings for someone else.

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Hinata has enjoyed cooking since she was young. She picked up the skill from her mother, who passed away when she was young. Hinata has prepared her lunch for the academy, but also prepared meals for others. She made a lunch box for Sasuke when he was grieving & left before he could refuse to accept it. Hinata"s skill phối isn"t limited to meals.

With Sakura"s help, Hinata has baked special Valentine"s Day chocolate for Naruto lớn.

She wants others lớn enjoy her meals to lớn show them how much she cares for them.


18 Her Future was Always Obvious

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It"s no secret that Hinata likes Narulớn. He"s unsure of his feelings for her for most of the series. Those behind the series know the truth. They hoped that fans would get the hint. Their future relationship is hinted in various Naruto video clip game series.

In many of the Naruto: Ultimate Nin-Ja Storm games, using Hinata and Narukhổng lồ in a team would give them the title "Secret Lovers." Many Narukhổng lồ và Sakura couple fans were shocked, but it was apparent early on that the games were foreshadowing future events.


17 Lived An Easy Life

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When Hinata was three-years-old, her family was at war with the Kumogakure clan. Head Ninja from the Kumogakure decided to stop the war. He visited the Hyūga family to sign a peace treaty between their clans.

The peace treaty was, in reality, a trichồng khổng lồ abduct Hinata. Her father was forced to eliminate hyên, which started the "Hyūga Affair." The Kumogakure denied the abduction accusation and demanded that Hiashi is also eliminated. His twin brother, Hizashi, went in his place. His sacrifice protected both the Hyūga clan & their village but at a high cost.

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Narukhổng lồ is often seen as extremely lively & confident. He managed to overcome the isolation & negativity from the people of Konoha.

Not every character is as confident as Naruto lớn.

Hinata couldn"t overcome her past so easily. She lacked self-confidence and didn"t believe in her abilities. After meeting Naruto lớn, she became inspired by his positive sầu attitude. She began lớn adopt the phrase "jishin" or "self-confidence" lớn motivate herself lớn overcome obstacles. When she feels insecure, she tells herself "jinshin" & continues forward.


15 Simple To Understand

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Names in the Naruto series often reflect their owners. The name "Hinata" means "place in the sun." The kanji of her name can also refer lớn her surname, Hyūga. Her name is fitting as she overcomes her insecurities & tries lớn find her place in the Hyūga clan.

According to the fourth Naruto Secret: Scroll of Formation Character Official Databook, her whole name is referred to lớn as "pure Trắng lily." This is later represented in Chapter 699 when trắng lilies are placed on the grave sầu of her cousin, Neji.


14 Compared To A Cchiến bại Friend

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Sakura Haruno is often seen as the primary heroine of the Naruto series because of her early appearance. Once Hinata made her debut, she began lớn have a bigger role in the series.

During a 2010 interview, the creator Masashi Kishimoto lớn admitted the truth. Kishimoto"s co-workers admitted they felt that Hinata was more of a heroine than Sakura. They felt Hinata had a more powerful backstory than Sakura, who had a relatively easy childhood compared lớn the other cast.

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Hinata is the oldest daughter of the Hyūga clan. As a child, she was considered weak & frail. Her father believed that she wasn"t fit to inherit the clan. Hinata was forced lớn fight her sister Hanabi lớn clalặng the title of "Heiress of the Hyūga."

Hinata was a formidable opponent, but couldn"t hurt her sister.

This was seen as a weakness to their father. Hinata lost the match because she was unwilling to lớn hurt Hanabi. For her failure, Hinata was cast out of the Hyūga clan.


12 Can’t Finish Her Ramen

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Naruto Uzumaki loves ramen. He visited Ichiraku Ramen so often that he befriended the owner Teubỏ ra và his daughter. Hinata, wanting khổng lồ get cthua thảm to lớn Narukhổng lồ, also visited his favorite ramen shop. They grew cthua trận talking over giant bowls of the noodle soup.

Hinata confided in Naruto lớn, & he was happy to lớn spkết thúc time with his frikết thúc. Though ramen isn"t her favorite food, she finished 46 bowls in one sitting. The cửa hàng crowned her the "Legendary Queen of Gluttony." The title embarrassed her but impressed her crush.


11 Unable To Fight

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When we are first introduced to lớn Hinata, she"s insecure about her abilities. She didn"t let herself unleash her true power. We slowly watch her grow to be more confident. During the Bikōchū Search Mission, she begins training to lớn create a new jutsu technique.

Hinata learns the high-cấp độ Gentle Fist technique "Twin Lion Fists," becoming one of the youngest characters in the series khổng lồ wield it. It"s a short range attachồng in the anime & manga series, but in many of the đoạn phim games she launches it as a projectile.

Hinata has unusual eyes that make her stand out aý muốn her peers. Her eyes are a oải hương color without visible pupils. This quality feature doesn"t mean she"s unable lớn see. They"re part of her Byakugan, which was inherited from the Ōtsutsuki Clan.

Hinata"s Byakugan isn"t a fashion statement.

Her eyes give her unique abilities with little effort which include seeing an opponent"s chakra more visibly than the Sharingan. Using this ability helps her when using the Gentle Fist technique.


9 Not Chosen For A Greater Purpose

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The Hyūga clan is one of four noble clans in the Konohagakure. At the over of the series, we learn the Hyūga are descendants of Hamura Ōtsutsuki of the Ōtsutsuki clan, making them one of the most powerful groups of the region.

Hinata eventually meets the sage. He is impressed by the purity of her chakra và decides lớn transfer his power lớn her. This transfer causes the color of her chakra to turn purple. Not only does this amplify her power, but also lifts up the stamina of others. Using her chakra, she helped Naruto lớn recover almost instantly.


8 Everyone Pairs Her With Naruto

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He planned early on lớn make Hinata & Narulớn a couple, which upmix some readers. Kishimolớn told Anime News Network "I almost caused a rift in my own household too because my wife was very upphối also that Narulớn didn"t get together with Sakura." Many who have sầu enjoyed the series from the beginning always hoped that Sakura would return Naruto"s feelings.

Naruto himself realized that Sakura was something else that he was battling Sasuke over. Narukhổng lồ realized that Hinata was the one for hlặng.

Hinata went through a drastic change towards the end of the original series. She went from meek to lớn determined. Her personality further changes after marrying Naruto and having two children. Hinata is a strict mother who is quiông xã khổng lồ punish her children when they act out of line.

Hinata loves them with all her heart, but she also believes in rules & structure.

One thing she doesn"t vì chưng is try to hold them back. She knows they have sầu inherited Naruto"s independence. Hinata strives khổng lồ encourage them.


6 Always Meant To Be A Kunoichi

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Hinata has become one of the most well-known kunoichi, or female ninja, in the series. Kishimoto originally had different plans for her. He developed her as a character that would tư vấn Naruto but had no ties to fighting.

Kishimoto eventually changed his mind & decided lớn make her a kunoibỏ ra. In the Naruto Databook, her initial designs had her wearing a fashionable dress, not battle attire. He eventually settled on styling her with ninja garb mixed with modern accessories.

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