Conquering the lost tower is one of the most interesting challenge and updated in the new version of “Naruto dẻo Chien Mobi”. – Naruto dai Chien Mobi is a strategic thẻ game favored by gamers with simple 2d graphic & plot of the famous manga Naruto. It has been officially available on the first week of this March and often updated. This time is about new version with landing page.

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In this update, Naruto dai Chien Mobi opens a brand new challenge named “The lost tower”, which requires players khổng lồ use their nin-ja skills as well as the strength, resistance to lớn be ready conquer 35-floor tower. This tower is the place where you have to lớn illuminate demons to find the lost precious thành quả Luc Dao Vang on the top, lớn earn title of Doat Bao Ky Binh.

To start this challenge, ninja is required to lớn be up to more than 60th level. Moreover, there are two more characters Uzumaki Kushina, Hanzo và Lucky ring function.

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On the other hand, the new update of Naruto dẻo Chien Mobi has many changes such as more award on Sao Vuot Ai, in which player has to collect enough star lớn receive more stamina, diamond, equipment. You could gain more awards when collecting enough 24, 48, 72 star every act. There are also fast nurture Vi Thu, increasing high-quality rings, bug fixes…

For more information about Naruto dẻo Chien Mobi, please visit its Homepage & Fanpage.

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Thanks, Naruto dẻo Chien. Images by Naruto dẻo Chien.