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One Piece anime series has been on break for the last two episodes due to lớn Oda’s sudden illness. Fortunately, it was nothing serious and he continues lớn work hard for his fans. After weeks of waiting, One Piece episode 924 is finally upon us.

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This upcoming episode has been highly anticipated by fans for several reasons. First, Big Mom’s arrival in Wano. For manga readers, I’m sure when Big Mom arrived in Wano they thought of Udon prison và a Yonko alliance. Another reason why this episode has been anticipated is Sanji’s raid suit.

Sangoro VS Kyoshiro family

In previous episodes, some members of the Kyoshiro family have been wary of Sangoro’s (Sanji) for taking the lead in soba business in the Flower capital. They decided lớn scare Sangoro with their reputation as the mafia in the country of Wano.

Unfortunately for them, the only thing they got from Sanji is a good beating. To retaliate, Page One came wreaking havoc in the capital seeking for Sangoro. Law, Franky, Usopp, & Sanji could not fight back because it will blow their cover.

They decided to lớn make a run for it, especially because X-Drake and Hawkins were with Page One. Thye could ID them và it will cause more unnecessary trouble. In consequence, the siêu thị owners in the capital suffered Page One’s wrath.

Sanji returns to lớn save a lady

While escaping, Sanji heard a screaming woman. Page One had just destroyed some shops & houses. Sanji could not bare the scene so he returned & landed a kick at Page One. Luckily, X-Drake and Hawkins were looking elsewhere. However, there was still a chance that they would get there soon.

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To ensure their cover is not blown, Sanji is forced khổng lồ use the raid suit. Raid suits are especial combat enhancing giải pháp công nghệ developed by Germa 66, Sanji’s family. Aside from enhancing the battle capacities of the wearer, each raid suit has its unique abilities.

Sanji’s raid suit is called Stealth Black. It allows Sanji to vanish by projecting the background over his body. Originally, Sanji refused to lớn use the raid suit as a sign of rebellion against his family whom he despises for bullying him in his childhood.

One Piece episode 924 release date

One Piece episode 924 will air on March 15, 2020. It will be available in Funimation and Crunchyroll. Things lớn watch for in this chapter also include the battle between King và the Big Mom pirates by the waterfall entrance to lớn Wano.

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