Outsider là gì

A:To run someone the wrong way means that you annoy them. He rubs outsiders the wrong way-He annoys the outsiders(Outsiders are people who avoid large cliques, populations, big groups of people)
A:It means you feel like the people around you vì not accept you as part of their group. You feel lượt thích you are always excluded from this group; in other words, you are “outside” of this group.
A:If you have a group and I am not a part of it, I am an "outsider".Trump is an "outsider" because he hasn"t spent any time in Washington và he isn"t part of the same group of people as Obama, Clinton, etc., eg., those who know how governments và economies work.
A:•“She’s an outsider.” •“To an outsider, he appeared to be a healthy & wealthy man.” •“Feeling lượt thích an outsider in a cliquey environment often gets lonely.” •”You should try to view things from an outsider’s perspective.” •”The outsider sees the best of the game.” Hope that helped