Fake razer goliathus speed?


red mouse pad This is a topic that many people are looking for. binhphap3d.vn is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing & online courses …. it will help you have sầu an overview và solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, binhphap3d.vn would lượt thích khổng lồ introduce lớn you FAKE Razer GOLIATHUS Mouse Mat Comparison Against The Real Deal!. Following along are instructions in the đoạn Clip below: “Guys um welcome to my lademo đoạn phim. This is gonna be quite a short video clip. Video. And it s going to be a comparison between a nhái razor glyphosate and real giảm giá khuyến mãi.

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There s plenty of giả products out. There. This fakes pretty much every brand and desirable brands especially lượt thích razer vị tover to lớn attract their fair mô tả of knoông xã offs. So what i m going khổng lồ vì chưng is i ve got the real khuyễn mãi giảm giá.

Obviously. I ve sầu got the real mouse mats. I know what the nhái. One that i ordered off of ebay just khổng lồ show you guys the differences in terms of the packaging in terms of the actual tác phẩm you receive so you can make sure that when you buy one you get the real thing and not a fugazi as has been called so without further abởi vì.

I m gonmãng cầu switch the camera over okay guys in front of me here are three mouse mats. The one on the very top is the nhái và the bottom two you can see especially the bottom. One is extremely used those are the real deal now the there s a few things that you need to lớn know and a few ways that you can tell whether you ve got the real thing or a giả as we all know raised. We re known for presentation.

Whenever you buy a new mouse mat. So for example. Over here. I ve got my um.

New cosmic. What s it called cosmic addition & speed cosmic addition. And that s the box that came where you can see it s a nice bit of packaging lượt thích a shiny graphic. There that logos everything a little ribbon.

Even on the top to pull that out now that mouse mat cost about 30 yard. Pounds. This here was eight pounds with shipping and it came from hong kong. I think it was so you can see straight away.


There s gonna be a big difference in terms of what you get và when i received this this actually came in a clear poly mailer bag và just shipped like that in a normal poly mode. There was no packaging. That was no anything so you just get it rolled up và to lớn be fair for eight pounds. What vì you expect so that s the first difference second difference as we all know razer offer.

The goliath s. Mouse mat. In a inkhổng lồ texture. So you ve sầu got here really gross.

Really dirty. This is used one i need lớn put it through the wash. And you ve got some fraying. There as well because this is the smooth addition & sorry speed addition because it s a smooth surface allow you to lớn glide your mouse over the surface.

Much more quicker. So good for fps games. And then you ve sầu got the control edition. You can see it s textured & will allow for more precise movement.

So you can see there is a big difference in the actual material itself. So that s the control that s of tốc độ this giả mouse maps. Only comes in one one finish. Now.

It s not quite as kind of abrasive. I suppose i don t know if that s the right word. It s not quite as as you know textured as the control edition. Map.

And it s not smooth like the speed edition. So it s lượt thích a halfway house so you only get one Model. But it is kind of a halfway house which is neither here or there i mean it s not nice lớn if you lượt thích this tốc độ edition. You re not going khổng lồ like it i said you know after using the control và tốc độ edition i ended up using the tốc độ edition.


I just preferred it so that s the first difference so the actual material used is is different you don t really get a good choice. It s still usable. I would say it s much closer to a control than a speeded ition map. But that is you know that is just the controller.

But that s not even it doesn t come in two options. That s it secondly. You can see the logo sản phẩm on both the genuine razor go like this pads. Just has that little two way arrow.

I guess lớn show us the extended version or something this one here has got an altrộn on it but otherwise the biểu tượng logo looks the same except. It s a lot bigger. If you if you compare the three logos. You can see the nhái has the logo much it s much much bigger than the genuine versions.

Which are much smaller moving on to another difference and the actual kích thước is almost the same almost. But this is ever so slightly shorter like in terms of length by only well probably by a millimeter or two & now the other more obvious difference is how they are shaped. If you actually look at how these mouse mats are finished around the edges. You ve sầu got a very smooth curve sầu on this mouse mat.

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Here. It s it s not a smooth. It s much more angular you can see the stitching is actually uneven. So you ve sầu got more stitching here.

Oh. You know sticking out the the side of the nhái mouse mat. It s not evenly done. Where s on a genuine one you can see the stitching isn t even with all the way around the edge.

And that just gives this the genuine mass mass like that smoother curve. It s not gonna effects performance. Or anything. I m just pointing out differences.


The other thing khổng lồ look at is the baông xã of this mouse mat. It was except. The fake is actually very grippy. So you no credit to lớn it in terms of its function.

It works very similar lớn the genuine mat. So these are the three genuine mats a tốc độ addition control addition fake addition not made by razer obviously. But that s very grippy that s but these are all quite grippy actually to be honest a it s going lớn be a bit more difficult to lớn tell. However.

And when you over to lớn these new ones. This is the cosmic addition because it s got green backing. So that might help in the future to make things a bit better. But those are the main differences in terms of the main issue.

I have sầu it s not actually the build chất lượng in terms of lượt thích the build quality is wrong term not just the chất lượng. It s the quality is actually pretty decent apart from those odd little things lượt thích the uneven stitching on the corners overblown logo sản phẩm. The main issue. I ve got with it is the actual surface itself.

Because you re getting neither a tốc độ or control addition. It s like its own texture. It only arrives in that one texture. It s just a bit mere however on the other side.

If you want lớn you know i mean obviously forget about the hình ảnh itself you can see that the biệu tượng công ty is um. It s not actually badly done. It s you know they ve sầu done a pretty decent job on the biệu tượng công ty on the splatter logo sản phẩm that s with you i m not gonna i m not gonna lie you can see for yourself. But you know that was lượt thích eight pounds these are normally twenty lớn thirty pounds so it s a decision you re gonmãng cầu have khổng lồ make okay guys.

So that was more of a comparison in a way because i m not saying that the nhái version was terrible quality and you know you re gonna know the reason for me making. This video clip is because it can be difficult lớn tell the difference. If you received the the giả mouse mat. You could quite easily mistake.


It for a control edition. And not know any better oh. It s only when you ve sầu got it side by side next to a genuine mouse mat. That you can actually tell the difference whether that bothers you or not is a completely different issue obviously.

It s i think it s wrong khổng lồ you know it s obviously wrong with the company to lớn sell it like that to lớn brvà it lượt thích that kind of gotta be illegal or something right. But i i m the kind of person. I m lượt thích give sầu you give sầu credit where credit s due now fraser have taking the time and effort to market and advertise & make their products look so cool and make them so desirable they deserve sầu to get paid for that và that s how the market should work. I they ve made they ve marketed khổng lồ me they ve sầu made me believe sầu that items are cool.

If they are or not is different. I lượt thích them i m actually filming & recording this on a razor firing. I m wearing a razor watch. I ve sầu got pretty much most razor peripherals and like everything my part of my webcam.

My mouse. My keyboard my mouse mat. One razor bungee cord. You know it s all headmix um.

The only things that i i don t have which a razor on my webcam. I m mike. But that s by the by so yeah obviously i m a tín đồ of their stuff. But i just wanted khổng lồ have sầu make this đoạn phim.

So you guys could tell the difference between at the real giảm giá khuyến mãi & a fugazi thanks for watching guys hope you found in the comment section below. I want me khổng lồ play. And i ll make sure to lớn try and play them so thanks watching guys & i ll see you in the next one ” ..

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