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Based on the Chinese manhua. Requiem Street, where evil spirits are attracted lớn in order to destroy them. A place where spirits and humans co-exist, not all humans can enter Requiem Street. Only those rare-soul users with guardian spirits can enter. Xia Ling was just a normal university intern, but a meeting by chance changes her ordinary life... In this world full of evil spirits, can you cooperate with your guardian spirit in order to lớn survive? (Source: MU)

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Well this is the first Chinese anime I have watched & I have to say despite of not being used khổng lồ hearing Chinese I found this anime very intriguing and I’d say any person who loves some good storyline, this feels and action packed anime is worth a shot.Before getting deeper into the reviews I would like to clear some points:1.Yes it is a Chinese anime so getting used to lớn the voice would be difficult.2.After the first episode the rest are on an average 11 minutes long but don’t let the episode length dissuade you, the anime offers a good quality content.Now since it’s my ... First đánh giá I’ll be as concise as possible, I would say the story is still a đá quí in making, also the plot development và the way the story has been portrayed will keep you intrigued throughout the series. Yes, the Chinese will throw you off a bit or maybe a lot but don’t give up on it because the story will compensate for it. The animation will also need some getting used lớn as it sometimes dwells into the 3d animation in some of the fight scenes where the CGI doesn’t gel well with the 2d animation. The action sequences might give you a little bit cringe for not being very well detailed but the overall artwork is considerably good. The opening & closing tracks are good with music tracks fitting well with the fight sequences. Also you might find the translations a bit off sometimes but despite the language barrier the story will get through.To sum it up I’ll say keeping aside the language cringe and bit of disappointment on the animation which might be probably due to lớn not much funding the anime is worth giving a shot as I’m sure you’d find the plot very intriguing & the character development very well done.