Review Marcel Desailly Season World Legend Rank 1On1 By Benz Suphōd


Happy Monday, my fellow Quentin Quarantinos. How are we all feeling today? Please remember lớn social distance & wash your hands. I dunno if this is tough going for you as it is for me, but the longer people break the pleas of doctors & health organizations to stay inside, the worse this gets & the longer we"ll be stuchồng indoors. Alright good talk.

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On Friday when the mid-inhỏ SBC dropped finally, it would be safe khổng lồ say I was ready. I had hoarded every bit of high rated fodder for months in order khổng lồ be prepared for this thing, and it turns out I had enough lớn complete three of them without having lớn scour the club for any transfer market profit. I had, in the words of a comment on this sub, a


"popular yet divisive" streamer open them for me, because I figured sometoàn thân could use the nội dung, & in the first GD paông xã, out walks R9. So it went pretty well! The next two were a duplicate 89 Gerrard và an 88 Desailly, but honestly who cares. R9. You better believe sầu I"m having hyên open my packs in the future.

I"m a completely average FIFA player. My highest ever finish this year is gold 2, and no matter how much I improve sầu my team, I can"t get above that threshold. I refuse to put the requisite effort inkhổng lồ practicing or improving my FIFA because this game is so insanely frustrating và borders on a net-negative experience every time I play it, but maybe with a god-tier player of R9 caliber, I could reach a higher cấp độ. Right?

How did it go, và just how good is tha gap toothed gawd?

Futbin In-Game Stats

R9 – Personal stats after 30 games (yes, all of them in WL, gave a win out in the last one so he didn"t get a chance lớn score).

8SUHJ1V - WL Player reviews - Mid Icon Ronalvị Nazario (94) - A completely average FIFA player

8SUHJ1V - WL Player reviews - Mid Inhỏ Ronaldo Nazario (94) - A completely average FIFA playerThe team I used (in-game formation) all FO and/or untradeable except Neymar (not that that"s relevant but I"m proud of it).


Balanced, Balanced, every slider middle of the road.

ST stay forward, stay central, get in behind

Central CAM stay forward, không lấy phí roam, all else default

Wide CAMS không tính phí roam, all else default

CDMs cover center, stay bachồng, all else default

Fullbacks stay baông xã while attacking, all else default

CB/GK mặc định.

Face stat impressions


In game experience


Pace – 93

He definitely feels very fast. I used a hawk on hyên ổn, which I may change to lớn an engine going forward. He doesn"t feel lượt thích he can outrun the vast majority of players on the game, regardless of his nearly maxed out pace, & that may be down lớn his balance and agility, which while usable, are still 87 & 81 respectively. You"re not going to feel lượt thích you"re driving a go-kart like you bởi with an Ikone or Mesmê mẩn, but he gets the job done. Once he"s away, you should be okay, but you won"t have much luông xã with hlặng just attempting khổng lồ sprint through the middle from the halfway line, especially with his medium attacking work rates.

Shooting – 93

Holy hell. What a little sicko.

I"ve used Inhỏ strikers in the past, và I"ve been lucky enough to paông xã numerous good ones untradeable since "18. Last year I had Base Cruyff from the first base ICON SBC, and this year I packed Base Butra. I know that no matter what the face or in game shooting stats are, they will play above sầu it, as ICONs always seem khổng lồ vị. But Ronalbởi vì just completely obliterates his shooting, which feels closer lớn 125 than 93. It doesn"t matter where you shoot from, what foot, how long he had to lớn line up the shot. He doesn"t care. The keeper is either forced inlớn a tough save sầu or forced lớn watch the ball sail past hlặng into lớn the net.

He"s the only striker I"m consistently scoring long shots with as well, và he has the best finesse bover I"ve ever seen this year, better than Mesđắm say & my personal finesse GOAT, Moments Bilva. 96 attaông xã positioning means he"s literally always in the right spot. I vị think it"s really funny to score crummy little tap in goals with hlặng after pacing it down the wing with Kent in the 90th min because he"s capable of truly extraordinary things with his finishing, but he"s just never not ready to receive the ball and you always have a clear line of sight to hyên. Never had a striker move sầu so intelligently without my input đầu vào, at least cthất bại to/in the box. You will likely have sầu khổng lồ trigger some of his runs if you want hyên ổn to make them early due to lớn his work rates, but I vày that anyway so no sweat off my dink.

He"s truly the best finisher I"ve ever used, and I got TOTY Cristiano as a red last year. He"s a total pervert in front of goal. I wish I"d saved more of his highlights to my playstation lớn prove sầu it, but he scored some first time distance shots & impossible volleys that would have sầu had me feeding my controller và maybe also my fingers inlớn a wood chipper if I was my opponent.

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Passing – 80

It may have been just that the servers this weekkết thúc were total garbo, but an unsettling amount of his passes seemed khổng lồ go behind the intended receiver"s run, or be underpowered, maybe 20% of them. However, as you can see by my assist stats with R9, I"m not really trying to lớn use hyên ổn as a playmaker. I"m very selfish with my strikers, as I find half the fun of this game in trying khổng lồ get the best possible goal stats with my attackers. I wouldn"t try lớn use hlặng as anything other than an out and out striker, và I think if you"d want khổng lồ, you"re an insane person.

Anyway, passing is fine. Didn"t take any miễn phí kicks with them as TOTY VVD is legitimately the best miễn phí kiông chồng taker I"ve ever used and he scored 5 this weekover, but I"m sure R9 takes them better than his stats suggest.

Dribbling – 93

Pretty good! Like I said, I really use hlặng as an out và out striker, và my playstyle doesn"t include dragbacks or scoop turns or any of that really, just a lot of pass and move sầu. But he still had plenty of chances lớn shine on the ball & he very rarely disappointed. I"m a heavy proponent of the fake shot as a means to change direction on the run, và the amount of times he left people in the dust with that simple move sầu was too many lớn count. I"m also not much of a skiller, but using his 5* skills was pretty fun at times. I did score one El Tornavị volley to lớn make it 6-1 and cause a rage quit from a guy who shushed và dabbed me on a kickoff goal. Other than that, not much khổng lồ report past what I already said about his agility and balance. You"d expect better on those just because of the aura people put on R9 in this game, but it"s still more than manageable. I still intkết thúc to try hyên with an engine chem next WL.

Defending – 46

Physicality – 80

Bit of a weird one. The main thing that stands out about hlặng physically is his custom toàn thân type. He looks, I dunno, sturdy? Well built? Like, you can"t knock this boy over with a pail of water, or whatever that saying is. I"m pretty sure that"s the saying. Regardless, his 89 strength is noticeable, but low (58) aggression means shielding the ball with hyên ổn should be used sparingly. He can shrug off the odd challenge, but when you jockey with hyên against a defender, it"s basically a 50/50 as to lớn who comes away with the ball. Stamina at 79 is not the best for sure, & if he was anybody toàn thân other than El Fenomeno I would potentially take hyên off for a pacy super sub in the dying minutes of the game, but I keep hyên on solely because I know if he gets a look a goal, he"s scoring 9 times out of 10. Definitely requires stay forward & stay central to lớn conserve sầu stamimãng cầu though.


Ronalvì, much like Cristiano, is one of those cards that feels different in game. Whether that"s down lớn his body type or his custom animations, he"s not sometoàn thân that you"ve sầu used anytoàn thân like before. I will say that in my first five games with hyên, where I had absolutely zero clue how lớn get used khổng lồ his movement & animations, I scored twelve sầu goals, so it"s safe to lớn say that it sort of doesn"t matter if you know how best to use hyên or not, he"s going to score goals.

Not sure what to say about traits, as I"m still confused as to what the point of the CPU AI only traits are for cards you"re using in your team, but the only traits he has that"re not CPU only is chip shot, which I only had khổng lồ use that once and he scored it, so, I guess it works, and finesse shot, which I said before is godly.

91 composure? Sure seemed like more. Dude wasn"t phased by anything. You could be holding a gun to his dog"s head and he"d be like "yeah could you hold on a second I have sầu khổng lồ wreông xã this absolute child" & put it top bins.

90 penalties. He scored two. That"s nice.

81 heading accuracy và 81 jumping. He scored a single (1) header. That"s also nice.


My dude is a big stupid idiot that doesn"t care about anything except scoring goals. He hates you and he hates your family and he wants to ruin your FIFA experience during this quarantine. I love hyên ổn and he"s my son.

My WL Finish

With one game remaining I scraped Gold 2 lmao. Still not the best at this game no matter who I use. Oh well! I actually had fun for the first time in WL almost this entire year. Fun! In WL! Imagine such a thing!

Will an 8 million coin card like R9 improve your game as an average player if you change nothing else?

You"ll score a lot more goals, so if that"s the only thing keeping you from a better finish or division, yes. But no, he will probably not singlehandedly get you Elite+. You still have sầu to work to improve your game, and honestly, what"s the point. This game blows. Use cards that will make the game fun for you & your finish won"t matter. Coincidentally, R9 is very fun.

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Anyway, I shouldn"t have packed hlặng and I don"t deserve sầu him & I smile every single time he scores a goal. Thanks for reading. Literally go wash your hands right now.