Which are the best custom ROMs for the htc One (M8)? Custom ROMs bring faster performance, better battery life, a lot of features & option to lớn customize them are endless. If you aren’t satisfied with the performance of your stock firmware, kiểm tra out a few of the best custom ROMs for the M8 which will greatly improve performance and battery life.

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Android Revolution


Android Revolution is one of the best & most popular ROM for flagship game android devices. It is based on stock android 4.4.2 KitKat firmware. This means that there are no visual changes but the performance has been increased a lot thanks khổng lồ optimizations made under the hood.

It has newest BusyBox, all bloatware apps are removed, the performance of CPU governors is improved & GPU Rendering has been enabled for ultimate performance. It is a great choice for everyone who is looking a good performance on stock firmware.

Download android Revolution ROM here.



ViperOneM8 is based on stock too like Android Revolution but it has a lot more options, features and apps. Thanks khổng lồ an ứng dụng called Venom, you can completely customize the ROM. You can change the status bar color, icons, & app drawer background. There are various of CPU and kernel configurations and home screen landscape mode is enabled.

There are also many other options và features that you can explore after you have flashed the ROM.

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Download ViperOneM8 ROM here.

InsertCoin M8


InsertCoin is another great ROM for the M8. Based on stock, it brings a lot of options và features. The performance is fast và very smooth thanks khổng lồ various optimizations such as RAMDISK improvements, trimmed partitions và stripped debugging info.

The battery life is also good because of Battery Management tools and removed bloatware. There is also an option in Sense tiện ích drawer to enable 5×6 grid size.

Download InsertCoin ROM here.



Renovate is the ROM of renovation. It has plenty of mods which make it unique. It is based on stock KitKat firmware with Sense 6. Kernel is tweaked with system write access. It has fully themed Aroma which means a lot of options to lớn choose from when installing the ROM.

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Some gian lận that come with Renovate are: advanced nguồn menu, 1% increment battery mod, increased maximum number of điện thoại htc Quick Setting tiles, Xposed installer & increased maximum mms size.