Flash stock rom on lg gx f310l

 Flash Stock Rom on LG GX F310L

This is the time khổng lồ Install greatest và latest app android version khổng lồ LG GX F310L phone.and we give you all needed files to lớn Flash your phone & we discuss about errors of flashing Rom and we offer you solutions for errors. We use LG Flash Tool but we also give you all Flashing methods and all required files, all available Stock firmwares to your LG GX F310L. .If you want lớn install Rom then you are in right place so Flash. 

What is Stock ROM?

Stock ROM– Stock ROM is Original ROM/ Official Rom that your phone have. IF you buy a app android phone. It have a Stock ROM. Stock ROM is mặc định ROM.

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Warranty – Stock ROM does not avoid your warranty. One of the reasons that android people don’t go for Custom ROMs is warranty. If you install custom ROM then your warranty is canceled on time.

Premium Apps – Premium apps is which you did not install apps. Normally stock ROMs come with unique premium apps to attract customers. These premium apps differ from one mobile vendor lớn another vendor. These apps can be anything like music players, apps stores, widgets, Track-ID (Sony) , S voice (Samsung)

Security– in stock ROM, You can be sure that it does not contain/include any spywares, malwares, backdoor,trojan or other malicious tools but Custom Rom

Before Flash Stock Rom on LG GX F310L, you should know these things

♥ You can vì this if you want to lớn Go back to lớn Custom Rom khổng lồ Official Stock Rom.♥ phone’s pc software does not want lớn install but phone driver must works on your PC without error.♥ This Stock Rom has lớn be installed on this model only.♥ Deactivate your security protection for moment.♥ Your phone should have 50% + battery power. If not, you should charge the phone before doing anything else.

Why I want to lớn Install Stock Rom

♥ When phone does not on.♥ Install Lollipop on LG phoneInstall Marshmallow LG phone♥ When phone does not pass “LOGO” Screen / boot image♥ When phone get “could not do normal boot Odin mode” error♥ When phone get “System errors”♥ If you think though your phone go crazy / Slow even after performing reset, then you can flash Stock Rom♥ When phone broke after rooting.

Flash Stock Rom on LG GX F310L

Requirement for Flashing Official Firmware/ ROM

♦ LG GX F310L USB drivers.♦ Enable developer mood and USB Debugging♦ LG Flash Tool Download, or download From XD Link♦ LG GX F310L Stock Rom – links is below♦ you had better install .NET FRAMEWORK.

Root LG phone properly & safty

Installation Guide for flash Stock Rom on LG GX F310L phone

Step 1,

First of all, get backup (easy và ultimate backup) your apps, contacts, messages, photos, videos,Music, gọi Logs,Whatapp Viber Messages and any other important data stored on the internal storage and external Storage (SD Card) before Flashing.

Step 2,

Download & install LG USB drivers then, tải về LG Flash tool

Step 3,

Take your LG GX F310L and boot into download mode. To lớn do- See below, If it fails for first time repeat it


Power buttonSelect Turn off the phone.press the volume up button on your LGDuring you are holding the volume up key, plug in your phone’s USB Data cable.Keep pressing the Volume up Key until the tải về mode appear.

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Step 4

Now Click Downloaded “LG Flash tool 2014″ to lớn extract (Extract here) , You will want this software.

Step 5

Download LG GX F310L Stock Rom. 

Download Stock Rom – Click here

use above link, if not works then try Alternatives – download LG Firmware from Click here or Click here. In order to tải về Stock rom, IMEI number is required for you. Get your IMEI from the Box which phone came or dial *#06# after dialing that will show your IMEI code . Once you have found your IMEI Code, paste it in the textbox and Click the ” Check” and tải về the your phone’s Stock Rom.

after that, Copy the KDZ tệp tin (Stock Rom) lớn “LG flash tool 2014 Folder

Step 6,

Double Click to Run “LG flash tool 2014” There is a screenshot of LG Flash tool

Select Type – 3GQCPT or CDMA you don’t want to get worry about selecting this option or that as Flashtool is modified only for devices with SIM.PhoneMode = DIAGReset time = 33000Browse KDZ file (Rom) and Select it. (Locate to “LG flash tool năm trước Folder” There is the copied one)

Step 7,

Now you can see there are two options on the LG Flash tool Window. I Know you that you are in curiosity to know what they are. Actually there is not big giảm giá khuyến mãi as we think.


Normal Flash – “Normal Flash” If you want khổng lồ install Stock Rom then you should select “Normal flash” another thing I want say, in this, you will not lost any data from applications & Internal memory & Memory chip.

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style="color: #000000;">CSE Flash – 
If you want khổng lồ flash Custom Rom (Custom Rom is not official one. More details about custom Rom.) then, select “CSE Flash” as wel as in this, you will thua all your data from applications và Internal memory. CSE make a clean installation. You can flash Stock Rom with CSE too.

Step 8,

Click the “start” button after selecting above one of option. 

Step 9,

Select your Region and Language and Click OK. Please Disconnect internet before you choose OK and also make sure to turn off your Antivirus for little moment


Step 10,

Start Flashing Stock Rom to LG GX F310L

it will start installing your new firmware lượt thích this