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tl;dr: A manga that’s funny at times but that never went anywhere or did anything so never really had much of a point. This is a manga that had a somewhat interesting premise that never went anywhere. It’s a pretty common thing in Shounen manga, especially those in Jump, to start out with a premise that’s somewhat quirky và chất lượng, but to then become pretty standard battle manga with the original premise only popping up occasionally. I think this is a manga that could have done very well if it had done that, but it didn’t. It pretty much dropped the original premise of Samon wanting to lớn make Teshigawara inlớn a bad person. The thing though, is that it didn’t really replace it with much of anything. There was some serious plot here và there that was pretty solid and showed potential with the protagonist even being likable during these parts, but it made up such a small portion. The rest of it was mostly a simple comedic loop of Samon being scummy, và getting beaten badly. The problem isn’t just that Satháng is a bad person, which is something that can very much be made khổng lồ work, but rather that he’s a bad person that is completely annoying và completely unlikable, & thus that really brings down the whole manga. Furthermore, although the comedy can be quite funny it repeats way too much. It’s 10 volumes of pretty much the same stuff on repeat. It doesn’t really try to lớn be anything more than that. There were the previously mentioned random story bits, but they don’t amount to lớn much. There is some attempt at having a solid cast, as is crucial for just standard every day comedy manga, but that didn’t really work. Most of the background that was given to lớn characters lớn justify motivations và personalities felt flimsy and created after the fact. The relationship development also was also pretty weak. Teshigawara’s and Samon’s felt like it especially didn't make much sense. The only one that was decent was Anri & Samon, but it never went anywhere in the kết thúc. Rather, the manga ends at a completely random point without much of an ending. The art style was different from most manga, so it has value in novelty which caught my eye, but after reading through it I thought it wasn’t particularly all that great. It was rather dull to lớn be honest, in that it kind of reminded me of CalArts at times. There were never moments that I could say really looked great. The character designs and such were also not that great either & lớn be frank annoying lớn look at at times.