Brighter & LighterStandard Angle Manual Focus Photo Lens for Mirrorless Cameras

Samyang Optics 50mm F1.2 AS UMC CS is a standard angle manual focus photo lens for mirrorless cameras with APS-C sensor sizes. With a significantly bright F1.2 aperture, the lens creates bright và trust-worthy images và impressive bokeh even with mirrorless cameras. The 50mm F1.2 is a multi-purpose lens, especially including portraits.

Optical Features

Samyang 50mm F1.2 AS UMC CS has a significantly low F number (F1.2). You may precisely control the lens when shooting under various exposure environment including relatively dark situations. This lens features 9 glasses in 7 groups including 2 glass aspherical lenses (ASP) khổng lồ offer high resolution throughout the image. Ultra Multi Coating(UMC) of Samyang Optics is used lớn optimize the light penetration and minimizes flare & ghost.

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Hardware Features

There are 9 aperture blades designed khổng lồ be almost as a full circle when aperture is closed which expresses starlike ray clearly và beautifully. The solid frame of the lens is made of high-strength aluminum alloy so you can create trustworthy images. This compact và light-weighted lens is specially designed for mirrorless cameras for portability. Also, detachable petal-shaped lens hood minimizes flare & ghost by sheltering lens from unnecessary lights. Available for 4 mirrorless camera mounts: Canon M, Fujifilm X Sony E, MFT※ kích thước and thiết kế may vary depending on the mount of a lens


Bright F1.2 Aperture

Guarantees faster shutter speed in low light conditions and adds depth to lớn your pictures by blurring the background.


Aspherical Lens

With minimal spherical aberration and distortion, you can take pictures with incredible precision.


Minimized Flare và Ghost Effects with Ultra Multi Coating

By reducing the impact of flares and ghosting effects in your pictures while ensuring excellent image quality and contrast from the center to the periphery, it offers crystal clear, sharp image quality.



Smooth Focus Ring

Smooth focusing ensures precise control và produces images with incredible sharpness, making it the ideal choice for indoor & night shooting.

Technical InformationSpecifications
Model Name50mm F1.2 AS UMC CS
Aperture RangeF1.2 ~ F16
Minimum Focusing Distance0.5 m(1.64ft)
Filter Size62.0mm
Maximum Diameter67.5mm
MountCanon MFujifilm XSony EMFT
Angle Of ViewAPS-C30.0˚31.7˚31.7˚-
Optical Construction 

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Samyang’s Guide khổng lồ Achieving the Optimal Angle of View

The perfect spacing và distance are always necessary when shooting all kinds of subjects, including people, to give them a proper relationship with the beautiful space around them. So, what’s the exact distance that helps you best appreciate a work of art, or a photo?

The correct answer is the diagonal length of the full frame of a subject.

The best standpoint from which khổng lồ appreciate the full view of a subject is the distance of the diagonal length of the subject frame. This wider angle is superior to lớn standing closer at a 50 degree angle to get a more detailed view.This notion of an ideal distance or view point is also applicable in the world of photography.

For still images, keeping a distance equal to the diagonal length of the full image surface is recommended. The full frame sensor of a digital camera is 36 x 24mm & the diagonal length is 43.26mm so any distance close to lớn this number is nearer khổng lồ the ideal than the currently accepted industry standard of 50mm.

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Back when film cameras were common, 45mm was the industry standard và this continued as reflex cameras needed extra space lớn fit a mirror. However, as mirrorless cameras become more popular again, there has been a need lớn return to lớn this industry standard…which is the impetus for the Samyang AF 45mm F1.8 FE. With less distortion than a 35mm lens and wider angles than a 55mm lens, the Samyang AF 45mm F1.8 fe is a perfect lens for portraits, landscapes, architecture photography, and pictures of pets.