Transferring GTA 5 save data from the PS4 lớn PS5 or from the Xbox One khổng lồ Xbox Series X / S is, thankfully, quite an easy process.

It"s important khổng lồ note, however, that how long this will take depends on the size of the save tệp tin you"re transferring and you"ll need a Rockstar Social Club trương mục for this process. You must have also started the single player storyline where you play as Franklin, Michael và Trevor.

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Below we"ll walk you through how to transfer a GTA 5 save, so you can return lớn Los Santos.

How to transfer GTA 5 save data from the PS4 to PS5 and Xbox One khổng lồ Xbox Series X / S explained

Transferring GTA 5 saves from the PS4 to the PS5 or Xbox One to Xbox Series X / S is the same process no matter which console you"re using. The steps below also allow you to transfer save data across console platforms - from the PS4 khổng lồ Xbox Series X / S for example.

First, you must have a Rockstar Social Club account và have it linked to lớn your PlayStation Network tài khoản or Xbox Network Gamertag. All of this can be easily done on the Rockstar Social Club website.


You must have also started GTA 5"s single player storyline & completed the Prologue.

Once you"ve made a Rockstar Social Club tài khoản - or if you"ve done so already - start the game and mở cửa the main thực đơn for the story mode.

Next, you need khổng lồ scroll to the "Game" tab where you"ll find the option "Upload Save Game." Under this option you"ll find a danh mục of all your GTA 5 save files và can pick the one you wish to upload.


Select the save file you wish lớn upload & then wait for it to lớn upload successfully - how long this takes depends on the file size.

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It"s important to note that you can only upload one save game per platform and, if you upload more than one, the save file you previously uploaded will be overwritten.


If the upload has been successful, the "Upload Save Game" option will helpfully chú ý which save tệp tin you"ve uploaded.

Now it"s time to lớn jump over to the other console!

First, start GTA 5 on the other console and, when you can, select the Story Tab. If you don"t have the Story Mode for GTA 5 on that console, you will have to purchase it.

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Either way, you"ll need to press "Resume Story" on the "Story Tab" and, after doing so, the option "Download Save game Data" will appear. Kiểm tra that you"re about to tải về the right save tệp tin and, if it"s correct, select the file before waiting for it to lớn download.


Once the download is complete, you can start playing GTA 5 on this console! The trophies you"ve previously unlocked will also transfer over, so you don"t have to unlock them again.