When Is The Next Steam Sale? · Countdown And History


The Steam Summer Sale is one of the best times lớn pick up new games for your collection at reduced prices. While we’ve seen some changes lớn the formula over the past couple of years, it’s still the best way to lớn pad your trò chơi library with titles you’ll probably never play. If you’re a collector or if you’re just looking to pick up a new trò chơi on the cheap, then knowing the Steam Summer Sale 2019 start và end times will be important this summer. We’ve got the details below, so let’s dive right in.

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Steam Summer Sale 2019 start & end times

The Steam Summer Sale 2019 will kick off at 1PM ET on June 25 & will run until July 9. This year’s theme is the Grand Prix, & you can kiểm tra out some of the new giao dịch available on the main store page already. There’s no exact over time given for the sale on July 9, though it is believed it will come to an over around the same time that the sale began, 1PM ET. This is Steam’s normal working hours, và when games normally hit the online marketplace, so it makes sense to end it around that same time.


The Steam Summer Sale is a great way to pick up some of the games you’ve missed throughout the year, as there are usually sales on just about every major title that we’ve seen release in the past year. There is also usually some kind of minigame associated with the Summer Sale, which means we should hear more info about that as soon as the sale kicks off.

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The Steam Summer Sale is now live. Make sure you log in and check out the new giao dịch as the sale progresses over the coming weeks. For now, be sure lớn follow binhphap3d.vn on Twitter và keep your eyes on the rest of today’s latest news to lớn stay in the loop.

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