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Soccer or football is a team sport that attracted many audiences in the world. From the children to the adult, they can be a fan of this sport. Và many football teams also were born lớn participate in championships & become the strongest football team. Stickman Soccer 2016 was built & based on soccer. In the game, you will have an opportunity lớn control the football team & take part in many championships. The trò chơi will bring many surprised things for you.

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The skinny football players

Stickman Soccer năm nhâm thìn is the thể thao game that has offered by Djinnworks GmbH – a trò chơi development studio for sản phẩm điện thoại devices was founded 2009 in Austria. Djinnworks GmbH specialized in the iPhone (App Store), apk (Google Play), Windows Phone (Windows Marketplace), Amazon và MacOS market. You can tải về the game không tính phí on thiết bị di động devices (Android và iOS Operating System).

With the football matches in the real life, the football player will be very muscular. But in Stickman Soccer 2016, the football players of your team have a skinny body, a dark skin and a circular head with the big white eyes. But they are very nice when you see your team members are trying khổng lồ score a goal. Moreover, you will have the men football team và the women football team. This will help you khổng lồ participate in the championships, seasons or national leagues.

Besides, lively sounds make you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the matches. The shouts of encouragement from the audiences, the whistles when the football player start the matches. Stickman Soccer năm 2016 also has provided the custom graphics mode lớn suit many devices from popular to lớn premium. There are three levels for you to lớn choose (high, average và low). You can choose the graphics mode in Setting of the game.


Become a coach of the football team

In Stickman Soccer 2016, there is a mode that will teach you the game play basics. That is Training mode. But this mode will be no the finished team. You just control some thành viên of the team. When you start the match, you will need to care three buttons so that the football player can run, shoot a ball or pass khổng lồ the teammate. To lớn define the run và shot direction, you need to lớn use the left button. This is just applicable for manual running. The football player can move in many different directions that you want. If you are using automatic running, then simply cảm biến the player you want lớn pass to. The PASS button is used to pass to lớn your teammate. The shoot button will shoot on goal. Và you need lớn perform the shots quick because the longer you press a button, the harder the shots will be. But if your opponent gets the ball, the PASS and SHOOT button will change lớn the SLIDE & SWITCH / DEFEND button. If you want lớn stop the opponent, you need khổng lồ use the SLIDE button lớn perform a hard attack. Or you can use the SWITCH button khổng lồ change your controlled player. Your team will get the ball.

When the real match starts, you can choose clothes màu sắc of your team and your competitor. The clothes of your team will be red, white, blue, brown, … The clothes of your competitor also will have the same colors but sometimes they will have the different colors. Don’t choose the same màu sắc for your team and competitor. You won’t discriminate between your team & competitor.

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Besides, the player can choose the difficulty of the matches. There are 4 difficulty levels in the game. Difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard, Pro. This allows you to find the competitors that is suitable for your ability. If you aren’t familiar with the gameplay, you should choose the easy levels. Moreover, the player can set match time from 2 minutes, 4 minutes, 6 minutes lớn 8 minutes and the longest time is 16 minutes. After each score, the football players will celebrate it by nhảy or jumping. Control your football team and score the goals.


Tournaments in Stickman Soccer 2016

In the game, you can take part in many championships. The typical championship is FRANCE 2016. There are 24 teams from 24 countries who will be split into 6 groups of 4 teams & compete for in the championship. For example: France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Spain, Turkey, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, … The teams will compete through 3 rounds to lớn find a champion. Besides, there are 7 different seasons so that you try your strength. Those are America Tour, Djinnworks Cup, European Tour, Full Season, Medium Season, Short Season & Women’s Cup. Each season will have the number of different teams & rounds. America Tour has 8 teams và 14 rounds. But 16 teams will compete for Women’s Cup. Furthermore, you can also participate in 4 leagues such as German League, Major League Soccer, Premier League, Primera Division. Each league is held in 4 countries (German, USA, UK, Spain).

There are 2 modes in the game that you can perform penalty kicks. The first mode is Skill Game. You will need to lớn complete the levels as fast as possible. The obstacles can be traffic cones, the carton boxes or planks of wood that can move. Get the ball, avoid the obstacles, shoot the goal, get the next ball, … Shootout is the second mode. In this mode, your team will perform the penalty kicks that will rotate the opponent. After two team have perform the shots, the team with more points will win.


The đứng top sports game in various countries

With fast paced gameplay, Stickman Soccer năm 2016 MOD APK will bring the exciting matches for the players. You will experience pure soccer fun, the lively atmosphere in the stadium with the cheers of the audience. The smooth animations & the nice football players help you lớn relax and feel happy while playing. In addition, you can play Stickman Soccer năm 2016 anywhere without the mạng internet connection.

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Besides, the player can customize the time & difficulty. This will create the different matches with many new things. Many seasons và championships are the challenges and the place so that you improve & evaluate the skills. Because of the above things, Stickman Soccer 2016 has become the vị trí cao nhất sports game in multiple countries.