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El Segunbởi vì, Calif. - April 27, 2017 -Super Senso, the synchronous PvPhường action-strategy game byGungHo Online Entertainment America, Inc. (GOEA), publishing partner ofTURBO Studtiện ích ios, is available now in North America as a miễn phí tải về for iOS & Android devices. Taking inspiration from classic strategy games such asAdvance Wars& innovating on the modern game design of competitive Smartphone games,Super Sensooffers new và experienced players the chance khổng lồ dominate the battlefield và their opponents in intense PvP action that offers “play-on-the-go” accessibility.

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On vivid, polygonal 3 chiều battlefields, each fast-paced PvPhường match starts with players controlling one SENSO, a powerful & specialized hero critical khổng lồ determining the outcome of the fight. Players Call on additional support troops lớn sway the tide of battle by building a smash-up army that can include armored tanks, zombies, fighter jets, dinos, & cats, all of which vary in movement ability, attack strength, & defense ratings. Regardless if players choose to deploy multiple armored tanks or an army of cats, one thing is certain - they’ll need lớn defkết thúc their SENSO-Gate base while destroying their enemy’s if they want lớn clayên victory.

"Super Senso was created with the competitive người chơi in mind, carving out a chất lượng position for itself in the thiết bị di động games space,” said Yohei Ishii, TURBO’s Founder & Chief Executive sầu Officer. “Throughout the development of Super Senso, our team has worked with nội dung creators as well as professional Mobile eSports teams khổng lồ ensure that our game appeals to lớn both experienced strategy tactics fans as well as players looking lớn get inkhổng lồ the burgeoning genre.”

As a testament lớn TURBO Studios’ continued tư vấn of its growing community as well as interest in helping newSuper Sensoplayers lớn learn additional tactics & strategies,Super Sensofeatures videos & live-streamed broadcasts from content creator partners in-game. Support from the community will help new players become acclimated lớn the wealth of nội dung contained insideSuper Senso- with seven unique maps in rotation, nine SENSOs & a mix of 30 various troops và super powers available at launch, players have the freedom to experiment và determine their own quality gameplay strategy. With single-player trials, emotes, và more than 30 individual unit achievements lớn explore & unloông chồng,Super Sensooffers players an engaging and rewarding strategy experience.

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ABOUT GUNGHO ONLINE ENTERTAINMENT AMERICAGOEA is a multiplatform publisher dedicated lớn delivering the best titles, nội dung và tư vấn for the online gaming community. Established in 2012 & led by former Square Enix U.S.A. & XSEED Games executive Jun Iwasaki, GOEA is a US subsidiary of GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. (GOE), an established Japanese publisher. GOEA"s nội dung partners include leading developers Grasshopper Manufacture, Game Arts, Acquire, và Gravity, all of which are subsidiaries of GOE. GOEA publishes & distributes network-oriented games for console, handheld, Mobile, tablet, and MMO-style games for PC. GOEA is located in El Segunbởi, CA. For more information,

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ABOUT TURBOFounded in 2013, TURBO is an independent boutique game development studio formed by a dream team of industry veterans who believe in building a business around killer games. When we’re not making games, we’re playing games, và therein lies the difference.

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