Tải ark survival evolved


ARK: Survival Evolved is a game for PC in which you have sầu khổng lồ survive in a hostile environment dwelled by dinosaurs và other gamers that can kill you


You"ve sầu arrived at the islvà of ARK where you simply have sầu to lớn fight lớn survive sầu. It sounds slightly like Robinson Crusoe, with the particularity that he only had to lớn face up lớn the natural conditions of his isl& and the lack of food; on the contrary, you"ll have sầu to lớn defend yourself against dinosaurs.

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Stay alive on an island lượt thích the one in Jurassic Park

In this game for Windows you have lớn do everything possible to hunt down, harvest, grow crops, build your shelter và kill or domesticate dinosaurs. It"s a game from the survival genre in which there"s also a multiplayer component. Become allies with other players or attaông chồng them... it"s up to you in ARK: Survival Evolved.

Why would you want a dog if you can have a dinosaur?

In this PC game, you"ll have sầu the chance khổng lồ domesticate dinosaurs that will become your pets that obey your orders. How to lớn domesticate a dinosaur? It"s easy: attaông xã it and leave it unconscious khổng lồ then look after it during its recovery period. It will become your loyal companion that will take you wherever you want & defover you against the many lurking dangers. You can tame it, train it và even ride it.

Fight for your survival with plenty of realism

This game is going to lớn make Bear Grylls" Man vs Wild look lượt thích child"s play. Here you"ll have sầu to fight against the laông xã of food & water, the temperature and even the pass of time. Make sure you eat well khổng lồ survive và not become weak, & that includes human flesh on the thực đơn.

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Take into account that, just lượt thích in real life, any physical activity will involve sầu a loss of energy, therefore, eating & drinking must be major concerns for you. Neither should you carry around too much weight & you have khổng lồ be careful with night and day cycles... All in all, it"s a game that will put your knowledge about the environment and survival to lớn the demo in a really wild atmosphere.

System requirements

There are many users that want khổng lồ know about the requirements of this game and the truth is that they"re not too demanding. Many computers can cope with this game:

Windows 7 or above sầu (64 bits).2 GHz Dual-core processor.4 GB of RAM memory.Graphics thẻ with 1 GB of memory.DirectX 10.40 GB of không tính tiền storage space.

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When is it out?

For the time being, the game is out as an early-access thử nghiệm on Steam, therefore, it"s gradually receiving expansions & improvements. It"s a much-awaited game in its full version that not only will be out on PC, but also Mac, SteamOS Linux, PS4 và Xbox will have their own versions.