METAL SLUG X game android revolves around the battle between soldiers và terrorists with overwhelming numbers. Players will choose a friend to lớn accompany và destroy dangerous enemies that constantly appear.

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METAL SLUG X engages players with completely intimate gameplay as they take control of a soldier facing multiple armed enemies. They can easily defeat the character quickly, which is a challenge that any player must overcome. At the same time, the number of enemies will increase more và more until the player meets the monster of the level & they can find a source of tư vấn to overcome.



In METAL SLUG X, players will control soldiers khổng lồ participate in battles against enemies with a superior number of players. At the same time, they possess powerful attacks and can destroy the main character with a single attack. That requires players khổng lồ be careful & choose the right attack range, especially with melee weapons. In addition, the player can launch high-damage grenades at enemy positions in the front.

Players will control the character to lớn move inside the 2d world of this game, and an interesting point that players will find in character is the orientation. Depending on how the player controls và combines the buttons, the player can attack from the front or attack enemies using planes in the air. At the same time, there will be some enemies that can chase the character, & the player will try to dodge their attack.



As players experience METAL SLUG X, they will need khổng lồ go through different battles và not know what awaits them ahead. They will face unexpected enemies with the limited number of lives they receive, và from there, they will complete the màn chơi in the best way. At the same time, powerful enemies will appear on some levels, & their resistance will be better than the enemies you have defeated before.

Players will receive interesting powers as characters with different powers lớn balance the balance of nguồn in the game. The game allows you lớn choose one of four characters to start the level with, & they have different attack methods that you can feel comfortable with. At the same time, armed vehicles and mounts are also good for killing enemies quickly, and some support elements can protect you for a while.

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Players are fascinated with the journey of soldiers against terrorists:

Players will choose one of four characters to start the game và try khổng lồ overcome unpredictable enemies to lớn complete the mission.The character completely possesses a limited number of lives & can be destroyed with a single attack from an enemy.The number of enemies exceeds the character and requires players lớn choose the appropriate attack method, such as grenades.Dangerous enemies will appear in many different shapes, and their strength and resistance will be high và make it difficult for players.

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The balance of nguồn is always balanced as players can choose the soldier they feel is suitable & use powerful vehicles & mounts.