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Wow, MAL doesn't get Tawawa. Why am I not surprised. Some medium culture worth having before watching (or bashing) this series:Each episode is less than 5 minutes và is available online on NicoNiteo.Watch it. Didn't like? Walk away. Like it? Watch the rest, it gets comfier. What is this series?Getsuyoubi no Tawawa, or Tawawa on Monday, is the anime adaptation of Himura Kiseki's doujinshi series with the same name. It's fundamentally a compilation of episodic short stories revolving, usually, a main average couple and a mundane sự kiện. The purpose of Tawawa, both in its doujinshi và anime khung, is khổng lồ work as a healing antidote against Monday Blues. That's precisely why the main characters are Japanese salaryman, new episodes were released on Monday, there's Monday on the title, and the original drawings are all in monochrome xanh. The situations take unrealistic twists, the girls are unrealistically perfect? This is an escapism series. That's the point. But there's no plot, it's just fanservice!Well no shit Sherlochồng. The original drawings, which this series is based of, were posted on Himura's twitter (

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strangestone) & were mostly without dialogue until serialization was considered. They are supposed khổng lồ be dễ thương and heartwarming, not tell the greachạy thử love sầu story ever told. And yes, there's still a solid, concise & well-developed storyline. Which shows Ai-chan and Salaryman's relationship evolving as well as the other characters. Way more than you'd expect from a 5min ONA (Original Net Animation) doujinshi-inspired short story. What is Tawawa?Tawawa is the name of the train station central to lớn the story, where Ai-chan & Salaryman first met. All the stories happen somewhat near it & all the characters are living relatively cchiến bại to lớn each other, as to say, in the same prefecture. Tawawa is also slang for "dropping", "overflowing" obvious reference to the amusingly huge racks of the girls appearing on this series.Then why is this worth watching or special whatsoever?It's up to you. Sometimes a little break from reality can be nice. Especially if it's accompanied by cute soundtraông xã & neat VAs. Maybe it's not your thing, but the short stories are undeniably sweet và will add an extra sugar on your life. This series in particular could be regarded as special for the future of doujinshi & ONA/OVA adaptations because it marks an accomplishment. Himura has been growing in the doujin scenario for a while, selling a bunch of volumes on Comiket, but receiving a GOOD anime adaptation of his work lượt thích this one is opening the door for many future works lớn come. Be it from himself or any other author.It's great khổng lồ see a promising author get some recognition & on top of that, with a very good animation unique. Smh but look at all this sexism! OMG such stereotypical object girls. What an offense. Why would anyone with decency watch this pathetic fantasy of a degenerate otaku!?I don't know. I don't care. Fuchồng off. Yes, this wasn't exactly a Review. I'm not discussing artwork, sound, directing, etc. it's a bloody ONA.