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LEE SIN is a blind teenager who, in his youth, intends to lớn become a Summoner but fails. He always wanted lớn be a nhân vật in League of Legends & that dream grew in him. Here I am talking about the benefits of the game. I hope that with your Đánh Giá, you will like this in general. 


""League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online fighting game developed and published by Riot Games and released by Microsoft Windows & MacOS operating systems. Inspired by the mod of Defense of the Ancients <2> for the video clip game Warcraft III: Frozen Throne. It is a không lấy phí game và is supported by micro-transactions. The game was first announced on October 7, 2008 và was released on October 27, 2009. <3> Since its release, the League of Legends has been very active sầu, và became popular in later years"" I borrowed the source from the wikipedia page itself.

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I know about League of Legends is a MOBA - Multiplayer Online Battlefield Aremãng cầu game. What is League of Legends? LoL is an action game but it is not bloody paranoid & stressful lượt thích other games. In LoL there are also fighting, death but mild image, nice interface, Automatic disappearing, not the same bloody images as other games. You bởi vì not need khổng lồ fear that ill will. LoL is a nice action game. Lol has a variety of maps và modes of play, but the most common is that it is the 5v5 standard on Summoner"s Rift, the most important being the team spirit in LoL. You will fight in the team so you và your teammates must underst& each other to lớn coordinate the new victory. Everyone must tư vấn và help each other so that no one is denied. Although the team has a good player but there are teammates who are leveled against the opponent is almost impossible lớn win.Now I will talk about the character, I want lớn go on & say that if you have any more questions about League of Legends please request below, I will answer all that you ask.



LEE SIN is an assassin, in League of Legends he is a Finish: is a general in all or all seasons, with high initial damage, is famous for combos like Insec or R Flash ... Lee Sin is a very powerful lane jungler And in the middle of the match, he is also very weak if the game draws in the long run.. A general has very high initial damage, no energy on the ability to remove sầu the faskiểm tra trùm cuối forest. He often gives his teammates a safe haven on the road. Going lớn the forest is always a typical position in the tactics of the League of Legends, what if you want to play this position you need something? Play the favorite general, practice your memory skills, map management good. In the over I will talk about the general in this game.


LEE SIN in the game


As a general in all or all seasons, with high damage damage, famous for combos lượt thích Insec or R Flash ... Lee Sin has stepped up lớn be a general that everyone wants lớn hold. With the ability to lớn loot và target large, manageable maps maps, his ability to escape is extremely good. In combat, he creates a chance for his teammates with the Insec bộ combo lớn escape and your team can win instantly.



Lee Sin uses his internal skills, after using his inner skills, his next two basic attacks within 3 seconds will be increased by 40% attaông chồng tốc độ và 15 Every stroke. Recalling his inner abilities, he can use other skills faster.

 Sonic Wave (Q)


With the lensin"s first skill is sonic wave. This is a very important skill for hlặng to deal damage on targets. If the sonic wave sầu hits the target, he can use a resonating strike lớn fly for the next 3 seconds & inflict massive sầu damage on the opponent at the beginning. A resonating strike can travel through the terrain if the enemy gets a sonic wave.

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 Safeguard (W)


The second lens of the lensin is Safeguard. This is a skill that is used khổng lồ armor yourself as well as armor for your teammates. This skill makes it easy for you khổng lồ choose a position where you can fly over the terrain so well you can fly to: allies, allies, or eyes, you can use Bear Eyes. Safeguard will help him protect his teammates in dangerous situations.

Iron Will is the second ability of the Safeguard when he uses it, which allows him khổng lồ boost his HP & boost his ability khổng lồ stay in the gas forest near the end of his life.

 Tempest (E)


Lensin"s third skill is Tempest. This is a skill when he hits the ground to khuyễn mãi giảm giá Magic Damage to the target, for the invisible khổng lồ help hyên ổn detect the enemy if the Tempest moves them to lớn activate. This Cripple skill slows the enemy. Reduces movement speed và attack tốc độ for a certain amount of time. This ability helps him to become quite powerful in his swarms of enemies, & I recommkết thúc using his Sonic Wave sầu ability to lớn fly in & use Tempest most conveniently.

 Dragon"s Rage (R)

With Lensin"s last skill Dragon"s Rage. This is a very important skill for hyên, this skill has very high damage, so he quickly destroy the target as quickly as possible. Use the Dragon"s Rage at the most advantageous angle to lớn kiông chồng the teammate to lớn his teammates và let his teammates finish the opponent. This ability also helps his teammates escape the fight is to kiông xã the enemy out of his team.

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is a general in all or all seasons, with high initial damage, is famous for combos like Insec or R Flash ... Lee Sin is a very powerful lane jungler And in the middle of the match, he is also very weak if the game draws in the long run.

Please give sầu me your opinion on this general, follow me and get the lakiểm tra articles on League of Legends