Tokyo Ghoul Season 1

A Tokyo college student is attacked by a ghoul, a superpowered human who feeds on human flesh. He survives, but has become part ghoul and becomes a fugitive on the run.

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Ken Kaneki is a young man who befriends the enigmatic Rize Kamishiro, unaware that she is a ghoul. Rize reveals her intentions to lớn eat Kaneki but by a stroke of luck Kaneki survives her attack. He is saved by an operation, performed by Dr. Akihiro Kanou, transferring Rize's organs. This subsequently turns him into a half-ghoul half-human hybrid and Kaneki struggles lớn survive & cope by himself.

Kaneki struggles khổng lồ adapt lớn his new nature with no success, until another ghoul, Nishiki Nishio, attempts to prey on his friend, Hideyoshi Nagachika, and he must fight to protect him.

After saving his friend, Kaneki is taken in by Yoshimura, a ghoul who runs the cà phê "Anteiku", who teaches him lớn blend in human society while hiding his true nature. However, he gets bullied by another ghoul named Touka.

A ghoul named Tsukiyama approaches Kaneki with unknown intentions và the two start hanging out. However, Tsukiyama has prepared a mortal trap where Kaneki is lớn be killed and eaten. Kaneki finds himself in an arena facing a giant ghoul executioner, Taro, but Tsukiyama intervenes và kills Taro as he wants Kaneki for himself.

Intending lớn consume Kaneki himself, Tsukiyama prepares another trap, using Nishio's human girlfriend Nishino Kimi as a hostage. Kaneki confronts Tsukiyama & is assisted by Nishio và then Touka. They are no match for Tsukiyama as their kagune are not as strong because they bởi vì not consume human flesh, so Touka bites Kaneki, restoring her kagune.

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Tsukiyama is defeated by Touka with Nishio's help. Meanwhile, recent developments in the 20th ward draw the attention of the Commission of Counter Ghoul , who sends two of their investigators, Kureo Mado & Kōtarō Amon to lớn hunt down all ghouls in the area. They find Hinami's father and kill him. They then use some of Fueguchi's blood lớn attract ghouls & trap Hinami & her mother, Ryouko.
Hinami's mother Ryouka is killed by Mado. An angry and vengeful Touka attacks members of the CCG. She kills Kusaba và attacks Amon, but Mado intervenes, using his kagune-like quinque & wounds Touka. Kaneki tells Touka that he wants to lớn fight the ghoul investigators, much lớn Touka's chagrin, and is given his mask by Uta.
Amon recalls his early days in the CCG when he was partnered with the experienced Mado. Meanwhile, Touka looks after Hinami above the cafe. Still mourning the loss of his partner, Amon is relocated to the 11th ward, where the CCG have trouble facing dangerous ghouls who vì chưng not fear them.
In the 11th ward, Aogiri Tree ghouls attack a CCG branch và kill all the investigators, to lớn the concern of Yoshimura and Yomo. Banjou Kazuichi comes khổng lồ the cafe looking for Rize, then Touka's brother Ayato arrives. Then Yamori brutally beats and kidnaps Kaneki. The CCG plan an attack on the Aogiri Tree, Touka, Nishio & Hinami prepare to lớn rescue Kaneki with the aid of an unlikely ally: Tsukiyama.
As Kaneki is tortured mercilessly by Yamori, the CCG storm the Aogiri Tree hideout. Meanwhile the Anteiku group infiltrate the building to rescue Kaneki. The CCG gain the upper hand, but are then confronted by the One-Eyed Owl, the leader of Aogiri Tree.

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During the physical & mental tortures he suffers at the hands of Jason, who reveals to him that Dr. Kanou turned him into a ghoul on purpose, Kaneki's hair turns white và he sees a vision of Rize. After a lengthy dialogue và analysation of his past with her, comes to lớn accept his ghoul-half and breaks không tính phí of his chains. Kaneki fights back, mortally wounding Yamori before devouring his kagune.