The 20 best digimon games of all time, ranked

There have sầu been a lot of Digimon games over the years, but not all of them have been hits. Here are the amazing ones, and some that weren"t.

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The Digimon anime has featured tons of hits and misses throughout its history, but the Digimon Clip games have sầu had a much better traông chồng record of quality. For a franchise that came from a variety of Tamagotchi-style virtual pets, Digimon has had a massive sầu range of đoạn Clip games on various platforms, each varying wildly in terms of style và substance.

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Most of the games in the franchise center on the idea of collecting and digivolving your partners just like in the show, but this basic mechanic has been utilized in all kinds of genres, from classic RPGs to fighting và racing games. The best Digitháng games are incredibly different from each other, but only a few are considered lớn be the top Digimon games, & only one can be properly considered the best Digitháng game of all time.

Updated April 28, 2021 by Gene Cole: Digimon has remained as a cult classic series for many gamers và anime fans, particularly since their videogames were as wild as Pokemon for an incredibly long time. There have been several over the years with new ones still in development, appearing on almost every console from the original PlayStation to smartphones, and the debate for which is the best Digitháng game is still an active sầu discussion aao ước fans.

Dragging a Candlemon in Digimon World Championship
Release Year: 2008 Platform: Nintenvì chưng DS Developer: Epics While Digimon World Championship isn’t exactly the worst Digitháng list, it definitely doesn’t come cthua thảm khổng lồ the top Digitháng games, particularly when it comes to lớn the best Digitháng World games. This series is known for great RPGs with wonderful stories & methodical combat, and World Championship takes a step back lớn utilize the Nintenbởi DS’s touch screen.

As a result, this entry plays in an especially odd way, being a somewhat active combat system full of text & movement around while you guide your Digimon to dodge attacks. It’s certainly not unplayable, but it definitely isn’t something that Digimon fans might be itching for if they want a good Digitháng game.

Digimon World 4
Release Year: 2005 Platform: PlayStation 2, Xbox, & GameCube Developer: BEC Time has not been kind khổng lồ Digimon World 4, a haông chồng & slash đoạn Clip game starring everyone’s favorite Digimon that strayed from the RPG style of the past great Digitháng World games. It was a little bland và the graphics weren’t that good, but it certainly played fine considering it was one of the first action-based Digitháng games in quite a while.

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Since Digitháng World 4 was released, though, the world was spoiled by better hachồng và slash games. The Devil May Cry series was already on its third installment when Digitháng World 4 came out, & the God of War series was just getting started. It’s still fairly good as a Digitháng game, but it"s gameplay is extremely lacking và the Digitháng characters add surprisingly little lớn its charm.

Challenging a new Opponent in Digitháng Digital Card Battle
Release Year: 2000 Platform: PlayStation Developer: December The Digimon TV show was definitely its own entity that was separate from its competitors, but Digitháng was hardly afraid to lớn branch inkhổng lồ similar successful series. Digitháng Digital Card Battle was one of those games, borrowing elements from both the popular games of the Pokemon TCG và Yu-Gi-Oh.

This was made smoother by its release shortly after Digitháng Tamers, the third series that used cards as special attacks and power-ups. It"s slightly more interesting than you would expect, but it ends up feeling lượt thích a poor imitation of the series it feels derived from, rather than being fun in its own right.

Two ultimate Digimon clash in Digimon All-Star Rumble
Release Year: năm trước Platform: PlayStation 3 và Xbox 360 Developer: Prope Many people consider Digitháng All-Star Rumble to be the worst Digimon game, particularly the Digitháng fighting games, but it’s poor chất lượng is much more because of how it compares to many modern fighting games. At it’s core, it’s fairly similar lớn the classic games that will be mentioned later, being 2D platforming brawlers with a wide variety of Digitháng full of chất lượng abilities.

The main appeal, though, is that this game has some stellar graphics thanks to its modern console homes. If you don’t like RPGs, you certainly aren’t going lớn have a bad time fighting it out with fellow childhood fans of Digimon in this game, but it hardly has the màn chơi of polish that players could enjoy in the actual best Digimon games.

Release Year: 2018 Platform: Android & iOS Developer: Bandai Digitháng ReArise is where the games start getting much higher in chất lượng for the Digitháng series, but this time it comes in the form of a Smartphone Gacha-style game. This plays much lượt thích a typical RPG, with your Digitháng being collected và Digivolved through various collectibles và microtransactions.

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While it’s not going to be everyone’s favorite Digimon game, it’s hard to argue that it’s a bad one thanks to some gorgeous visuals và an interesting modern twist on some classic gameplay. Since it’s free-to-play, it also is much more accessible khổng lồ try if you haven’t touched the Digitháng series in a long time.

Release Year: 2013 Platform: PSPhường. Developer: Prope Despite how immensely popular the early seasons of Digimon were in the US, interest in the series greatly waned around the fourth season of the anime. With a laông xã of interest in the west to see more Digimon products, Japanese developers will occasionally not release Digimon games outside of nhật bản, but given how fun they were, it’s a fair bit of a shame.

The Digitháng Adventures game on the PSP, which is based on the first season of the show, was one of those great games that never made it to Europe or North America. The graphics are impressive sầu for the handheld and the game’s story closely matches with the story on the show, making it feel more nostalgic and interesting than the original stories of the other games on this danh sách.

Release Year: 2004 Platform: trò chơi Boy Advance Developer: Griptonite Games Digimon Racing is easily the weirdest Digitháng game out there, playing unlượt thích anything else in the series. Not only is it one of very few Digitháng games on a console as early as the trò chơi Boy Advance, but it’s a classic kart racer in the vein of the original Mario Kart games.

It isn’t actually that bad, with eleven playable characters who can all Digivolve sầu over the course of a race khổng lồ gain new powers that attack your foes on the course. It’s an extremely interesting kart racer that’s unlike any other Digitháng game, made even more unique by being one of the only Digitháng games that was developed in the United States rather than nhật bản.

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Release Year: 1997 Onward Developer: Bandẻo Digitháng has always been called out as a Poketháng rip-off, but many gamers và childhood viewers may not have known that Digimon was much more based on Tamagotđưa ra pets. These were virtual-pets that you carried around in a tiny handheld device, & these were popular toys both before and after the Digitháng anime debuted.

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Without the original Digimon virtual-pet devices, we wouldn’t have sầu gotten the anime or any other proceeding hàng hóa of the series afterward. They also were surprisingly deep compared to other digital pets, with many later Digivice pets resembling the anime và having many minigames và features such as MP3 players that put them above sầu their peers.

Release Year: 1999 Platform: PlayStation & PC Developer: BEC và Flying Tiger Development It’s hard to lớn get into lớn the best Digimon games without discussing Digitháng World, the original entry in perhaps the most iconic franchise of the series. This let you play as a fully new character exploring a 3D world with their own partners & turn-based combat lớn fight strangers.

Compared to the later games on this danh sách, it’s somewhat anticlimactic in terms of functionality, but it’s absolutely an enjoyable experience và it’s clear why this series took off as strongly as it did. It didn’t entirely succeed in its attempt lớn dethrone Pokemon as the key digital pet game, but it was still good enough to lớn foster an enthusiastic fanbase.

Release Year: 2016 Platform: PlayStation Vita & PS4 Developer: B.B. Studio mở cửa world games have become increasingly popular since gaming consoles have become powerful enough khổng lồ handle games as huge as open worlds. Even Digitháng has their own version of the open world đoạn phim RPG called Digitháng World: Next Order, and it attempts this with surprising success.

The game is a fun take on the open world genre, and the story is pretty entertaining too. It definitely has more modern polish than many other Digimon World games, & while it definitely feels unlike past games in terms of gameplay, it still has many of the best Digimon from throughout the series to help make it feel more classic.

Release Year: 2012 Platform: PSP.. và Nintenbởi vì 3DS Developer: tri-Crescenbởi vì Digitháng World Re:Digitize serves kind of as a predecessor for future titles in the franchise. Re:Digitize was a PSPhường game released exclusively in nhật bản in 2012, but would later get an enhanced port on the 3DS in the following year called Re:Digitize Decode. Re:Digitize’s gameplay is a return khổng lồ form for the franchise, following a gameplay similar khổng lồ that of the classic best Digitháng World games through a more slow turn-based RPG.

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The biggest change with this game is its human character designs, all of which feeling more out of a modern anime instead of the more cartoonish vibe of past games thanks lớn the choice to feature the character designer for the Durarara!! và Shin Megangươi Tensei: Devil Survivor. This is an excellent shift, as it makes it feel better for new fans who have sầu trouble returning lớn the older games that feel more meant for kids despite their deep RPG elements.

Release Year: 2006 Platform: Nintenbởi vì DS Developer: BEC Digitháng World DS is absolutely not the best Digimon World game, but it’s absolutely one of the best Digimon games out there & a standout given its unusual platkhung. This was the first Digimon World game on the Nintenvày DS after the series living on the PlayStation for so long, & this new platsize brought a 2D pixelated style that felt more reminiscent of the digital world that fans of the anime enjoyed.

This isn’t to say it’s the top Digimon World game, since there are many great qualities that the older & newer games both have on this. Nonetheless, it’s a great introductory Digitháng game for the platkhung, và absolutely worth picking up or trying if you want one of the most straightforward Digimon RPG experiences you can find.

Release Year: 2003 Platform: Game Boy Advance Developer: Dimps Digimon Battle Spirit may not hold up as well as some other Digitháng games, however, there is still a lot khổng lồ love sầu with this game. Battle Spirit is a Digitháng fighting game that was released on the trò chơi Boy Advance in 2003. Digitháng begins fights in their rookie or champion forms, but they can digivolve inkhổng lồ their stronger ultimate or mega forms, giving them the edge in battle.

Battle Spirit plays well on a handheld, và the graphics are pretty good thanks to some incredibly clean sprite work. Considering it gave such a complex fighting game such a new look and play style, it’s a remarkable game that feels pretty underrated, especially since most fans associate Digimon with the PlayStation rather than something lượt thích the GBA.

Release Year: 2004 Platform: GameCube, Xbox, & PlayStation 2 Developer: Bandẻo và Blachồng Ship Games Digimon Rumble Aremãng cầu 2 may not be the most polish fighting game out there, but it is still a lot of fun. Rumble Arena 2 is a Super Smash Bros. type fighting game starring the iconic characters from Digitháng. They can absorb orbs to lớn get more energy và can digivolve inlớn their more powerful champions and mega forms, and they come with some gorgeous 3D models that justify the new consoles.

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The controls for the game are actually pretty clunky, và there are a lot of aspects of the game that haven’t held up as well as fans would hope. For more die-hard fans that don’t enjoy many newer Digimon & enjoy the classic style, though, it’s definitely the best Digimon fighting game that you can sit down và play with friends.

Release Year: 2011 Platform: Nintenvì DS Developer: B.B. Studio Released only in nhật bản, there’s one fairly strong final entry khổng lồ the Digimon games on the original DS that many fans may never have experienced. This game came out at the height of the Digimon Fusion anime, focusing on Poketháng from this series & even starring the anime’s main protagonist instead of an original one.

This leads to lớn some interesting fusion mechanics, but more fascinating with these dual-version games are that it’s much more similar to Digitháng World than the later Digitháng Story games that would come out later on. This anime wasn’t particularly popular outside of Japan, so it hasn’t had an English translation, but it could easily be one of the most underrated games that few Digitháng fans around the world will be able to play & appreciate.

Release Year: 2007 Platform: Nintendo DS Developer: Bandẻo A sequel lớn Digimon World DS, Digimon World Dawn & Dusk improves on what was established with its predecessor, và is an overall superior game. Following the Pokemon tradition of releasing two games in each generation, Dawn and Dusk are two separate games that tell the same story using unique day và night themed Digitháng.

The games are RPGs that center on collecting & Digivolving your own Digimon still, but Dawn and Dusk offer more variations to Digivolve your Digitháng, và the story is more engaging than the first thanks to some original Digitháng for each game. The presentation and the graphics are pretty great, especially on the DS, & it mostly just perfects the mechanics found in the best Digimon World games on handheld consoles.

Release Year: 2015 Platform: PlayStation Vita, PS4, Nintenvày Switch, PC Developer: Media.Vision With the middle of the 2010s, things were looking quite good for Digitháng for the first time in years. The Digitháng tri. films were being released và doing well in nhật bản, but more importantly, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth was released on the Vita in 2015 in nhật bản to massive critical acclalặng for its original graphics & return to lớn the original Digitháng World gameplay style.

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Criticism for game centers mostly on its long length, và the fact that it forces gamers khổng lồ grind for a long time, but most JRPG fans can tell you this is a very common trend with most games in the genre anyway. Despite these flaws, Cyber Sleuth has undoubtedly reinvigorated the enthusiasm for Digimon, và it’s much thanks to lớn an acknowledgement of the games that fans generally consider the best Digitháng games.

Release Year: 2019 Platform: PlayStation Vita, PS4, Nintenvì Switch, PC Developer: Media.Vision Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory isn’t necessarily a bad Digitháng game, but many fans were definitely a bit disappointed by it. It is a sequel to Cyber Sleuth, và it is more or less the same as its predecessor. A lot of Hacker’s Memory takes place in the same setting as Cyber Sleuth, making it feel especially familiar.

Hacker’s Memory does polish the gameplay a bit, but it"s still repetitive sầu and long and doesn"t fix many of Cyber Sleuth"s main problems. Fans were clamoring for something a bit different for the sequel, but nonetheless it only builds on the strengths of its predecessor, making it hard lớn put lower than the original game.

Release Year: 2000 Platform: PlayStation Developer: BEC Coming in at second place is one of the games that heavily inspired Cyber Sleuth, as it ended up being a more polished version of the popular Digitháng World series at its start. This game added tons more Digimon from the later seasons, leading khổng lồ a more diverse cast and deeper game overall.

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More importantly, it also could grow past the poorer unique of the original Digitháng World’s graphics, which definitely felt dated by the fact that 3D graphics were still quite new. Digitháng World 2 is substantially smoother, making it a much more enjoyable experience alongside the improved combat.

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Release Year: 2002 Platform: PlayStation Developer: BEC Digitháng World 3 is without a doubt the best Digitháng World game, but more than that is the best Digitháng game overall. Released at the very end of the PS1 lifespan, World 3 serves as a fitting swan tuy vậy for Sony’s first console with a polished story và battle system that takes everything that was established in Digitháng World 1 and 2, and makes it infinitely better with the lessons learned from these first massive sầu games.

Not only is the gameplay faster và smoother thanks to lớn a better understanding of the PlayStation hardware, the graphics have improved wildly in a way that’s aged much less poorly. Digitháng World 3 also has a pretty sweet soundtrack, and a larger variety of Digitháng lớn play as thanks lớn several additions from the Digitháng Tamers series, và builds greatly off of what many fans consider the best Digitháng series & best Digitháng games.

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