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Monsters from flames và ashes were able to find a way out of his dark Kingdom, starting a winning streak to the fairy-tale world of Knighton. Manages the treacherous lava stone & Dzhestro occupiers, in the past, the jester, và now, the main antagonist, preoccupied by their Majesty & authority over the surrounding worlds – small settlements disappeared in a haze of treason, castles fell khổng lồ the superior forces of the enemy, fertile lands pillaged & burnt. At least something is destined to survive in the whirlpool of death? How many goals will be on the block, the struggle for global domination & meet her self-absorbed desire to edit? Select Adventure game android project LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS: MERLOK 2.0 và immediately engage in a bitter war with the cynical traitor!

New from Studio LEGO System a/s operates according lớn popular & have proven the concept – users select stage, character set and ammunition for it. Then transferred to full combat arena opponents, destroy their, along the way, collecting valuable things & discovering new facets of the storyline.

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All the kích hoạt takes place in a real-time format: gamers decide, where to move the ward, perform powerful drums combination of destructive power, earn experience points và rewards in the khung of virtual currency.

The main thread of the plot LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS: MERLOK 2.0 revolves around one of the sacrament – collection collection special force elements during pilgrimages to different corners of the thematic Lego world: the number of such discoveries depends on diversity and power of percussion và magical combinations. But headlong hurtle towards the enemies too not worth – each stage is full of surprises in the khung of operating based on a quality algorithm rivals, If this artificial intelligence, và with real users fight và also harder. Not a fact, that the coveted trophy you get, and here”s to thua kém with difficulty obtained things can! Proceed with caution, increase your character”s health in a timely manner, masterful block bumps và kontratakujte, If necessary, turning for help & advice from a wise sorcerers charming universe Knighton.

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To complement his collection of magical power, you can use the integrated system project, which scans items on packages purchased in real life themed LEGO sets – so you have more expanding gaming horizons, gaining strength, courage và mind for fights with the enemy. The good news is that there are no compulsory purchases và advertising, that modern entertainment products the exception rather, than the rule.

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Genre Games for children Requirements Android 4.0.3, 4.0.4 + Devices for phone, for tablet Language English (+24 localizations)