Winrar mới nhất 2015

Tải WinRAR giờ đồng hồ Việt 5.21 Final Full Crack ( 32 và 64-bit ). Winrar là 1 trong những trong những ứng dụng nén và bung file tốt nhất hiện nay. Download Winrar 5.21 ngay!
Winrarứng dụng nén cùng giải nén filesố 1 bây giờ, mộtứng dụng quan trọng cho laptop.

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Winrarcung cấp RAR với ZIP., rất có thể bung file CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, bz2, JAR, ISO, 7z, Z.
WinRAR giờ Việt 5.21 Full
1. “Drag and drop context menu” options in “Settings/Integration/Context menu items” dialog allow khổng lồ disableWinRARarchiving& extraction commands in context thực đơn displayed after dragging& dropping files with right mouse button.
2. If winrar.ini tệp tin is present in the same thư mục asWinRARinstaller,winrar.ini will be copied toWinRARprogram folder after completinginstallation.
3. While previous versions could produce RAR5 volumes of slightlysmaller than requested kích thước sometimes, such situation is lesslikely now. In most cases volume size equals khổng lồ specified by user.

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4. Now by defaultWinRARskips symbolic liên kết with absolute pathsin links target when extracting. You can enable creating such linkswith “Allow absolute paths in symbolic links” option on “Advanced”page of extraction dialog or with -ola commvà line switch.
Such link pointing to folders outside of extraction destinationthư mục can present a security risk. Enable their extraction onlyif you are sure that archive sầu contents is safe, such as your own backup.
a)WinRAR 5.20issued unnecessary user tài khoản control (UAC) prompt,when running an executable from archive stored in UAC protectedthư mục. Since nothing is extracted to lớn folder containing an archivein such case, UAC prompt is not needed;
b) WinRAR could overwrite files with read-only attribute onlywhen unpacking RAR và ZIP archive sầu formats. Now it is alsoimplemented for other archive sầu formats supported byWinRAR;
c) “Elapsed time” & “Time left” were displayed incorrectlywhen applying “Convert” command khổng lồ multiple archives& enabling “Add recovery record” option.

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Bước 2:Chạy filewrar521vn-32bithoặcwinrar521vn-64bit( tùy theothứ tínhcủa bạn32-bithay64-bit) để cài đặt đặtwinrar 5.21.
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