Xiaomi mi mix 2s smartphone full specification & features

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Full screen display, curved cerabinhphap3d.vnc design

The binhphap3d.vn binhphap3d.vnX series is indeed a work of art. The kiến thiết is internationally recognized, has won multiple international awards, & is collected by world-class museums.

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Added khổng lồ The Centre Pompidou, French National Centre of Arts và Cultures Added khổng lồ The International Design Museum, Munich binhphap3d.vn binhphap3d.vnX 2S added Design Museum in Helsinki GOOD DESIGN Winner iF thiết kế award IDEA gold award winner

Ultra light-sensitive sầu AI camera

binhphap3d.vn binhphap3d.vnX 2S offers amazing photo quality with its rear dual camera setup. This flagship dual camera features a massive 1.4μm pixels và dual pixel autofocus, enhancing pholớn brightness và quality while drastically improving focus speeds, especially in low-light conditions.

AI scene detection

What does it feel lượt thích khổng lồ own a super-camera? You get a smart & adaptive sầu response, whether you are capturing the beauty of an early-morning sunrise or your pet in a moment of binhphap3d.vnschief. It optibinhphap3d.vnzes settings for every situation to instantly transkhung you from an amateur into lớn a master photographer.

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AI dynabinhphap3d.vnc bokeh

Add swirls and shapes to your bokeh lights with our AI dynabinhphap3d.vnc bokeh.

AI scene detection

The AI scene detection intelligently detects up khổng lồ 206 scenes across 25 categories.

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*Note: The AI dynabinhphap3d.vnc bokeh and AI scene detection will not be available out-of-the-box, and will be available via OTA. Please refer to lớn the official binhphap3d.vnUI trang web (www.binhphap3d.vnui.com) for future releases of this feature.

Snaprồng 845 chipphối 6GB RAM + 128GB storage

The ultimate in performance

The Snaprồng 845 is Qualcomm"s flagship processor of the year, including memory options of up to lớn 6GB of RAM andup to 128GB of storage. Enjoy a higher framerate while playing even the most resource-heavy games, all with lower power consumption và heat production.

Qi standard wireless charging

binhphap3d.vn binhphap3d.vnX 2S supports wireless charging based on the Qi standard. We"ve also introduced the convenient binhphap3d.vn Wireless Charger which is officially certified by Qi, meeting strict safety standards whether you’re charging binhphap3d.vn binhphap3d.vnX 2S or other Qi-compatible devices.

Snapdragon 845 6GB + 128GB The art of công nghệ Full screen display, curved cerabinhphap3d.vnc kiến thiết Ultra light-sensitive sầu AI dual camera Bright photos even under low light Flagship AI camera AI dynabinhphap3d.vnc bokeh effects Qi standard wireless charging 7.5W wireless fast charge Augmented reality Supports most AR games and applications Multifunction NFC Supports Android Pay Global bands 6 modes, 43 bands

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